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Artist Profile

Born in Havana, Cuba Study in economics and music


2000-2003 singer at the national opera of Cuba


2003-2005 singer at the national centre of concert music


2006 move to Mallorca/Spain : Musical director of „ Music4You“, creator and producer of „Por eso soy cubana“ and „The magazine Hits“


2010-2013 Single publication of „Viviendo“, „Mi dolor“, „Destello de luz“ and the very sensuous „ Sexy Night“ in collaboration with distinguished musicians from Spain and Cuba 


2014-2015 Stage Entertainment Spain (Sister Act Musical)


2015-2019 Stage Entertainment Spain (The Lion King Musical)


2020 CD publication „Musa

2022- Miss Sherman / Miss Bell (Fane The Musical)

2023- Swing/ Cover sarabi (Le Roi Lion) Paris, France

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